Our Products

  • Coffee

    Spray-Dried Coffee

    From bean to cup Super food ingredients ensure quality and consistency is maintained. The green coffee beans are temperature controlled to retain their biochemical condition. Our sophisticated ‘Aroma Recovery System’ ensures that the aroma is locked throughout spray drying process. This process employs a reverse osmosis system that removes chlorine, hardness and odour to ensure quality and consistency to the product. At Super Food Ingredients by utilizing fully automated processes and strict quality control. We ensure quality and consistency of the final product to our customers.

    Freeze-Dried Coffee

    Our freeze dried coffee manufacturing plant is specially equipped with 3rd generation spray-dried coffee technology and unique Aroma Recovery system that enables us to retain the natural aroma, colour and nutritional value of coffee throughout the production process. Freeze-dried coffee requires no refrigeration during transportation and is light weight for easy handling and storage. As a result, the product shelf life is greatly enhanced due to low residual moisture, thus providing the highest standard of instant soluble ingredient for our business partner.

  • Creamer

    Non-Dairy Creamer

    Just like all our other products, our non-dairy creamer is produced with the aid of fully automated processes and strict quality controls. This ensures top quality and consistency. Building on the knowledge and expertise of our specialists, we continue to develop our range of products. This allows us to optimize our processes and equipment to cater to different food sectors. Our willingness to adopt new technologies and our positive attitude allows us to develop new products for our customers and keep them satisfied.

    Creamer for Coffee, Cereal and Milk Tea

    Our creamer compliments and enhances the aroma, smoothness and milkiness of the beverage. With the proper application, it improves the solubility and taste of the product.

    Foaming Creamer

    Our foaming creamer is specially created for use in any beverage. It offers a hassle free, easy to handle experience with its instant solubility to dissolve in hot water

    Cold Water Soluble Creamer

    Our cold water soluble creamer is made with dairy ingredients, vegetable fats and carbohydrates. This product is specially created for use in cold beverages such as coffee, tea and chocolate drinks.

  • Confectionery

    Whip Toppo Powder

    Our whip toppo powder is an excellent vegetablefat base powder used as filling, garnish or cake decoration for preparation of aerated desserts, confectionery bakery and beverage.

    Confectionery and Bakery Product

    The fat content, combined with good free-flowing properties, makes these powders exceptionally well-suited as a fat source in confectionery and bakery products.

    Soft Served Ice Cream Premix Powder

    Our Ice cream powder has better expansion rate and excellent product stability that enhances the product quality. The long shelf-life of our ice cream powder provides greater convenient and hasslefree solution to our client.

    Soya Beancurd Powder

    Our Soya Beancurd Powder is a premix powder made to produce delicately fine, smooth and delicious beancurd in simple steps. The flavour and texture have excellent consumer acceptance and it is easy to prepare.

  • Specialty Power

    Nutritional Fat Powder

    Our nutritional fat powder is well proportioned with unsaturated fatty acid contents.

    Acidity Resistance Powder

    Our creamer for use in acidity resistance beverage has high stability properties in acidic conditions.

    RTD Creamer

    Our RTD Creamer is made with non-dairy ingredients, vegetable fats, and carbohydrates. This product is specially created for use in hot beverages such as coffee, tea and chocolate drinks. It also enhances the beverage appearance and adds a rich and creamy taste to the beverages.

    Rich Beverage Cream Powder

    Our beverage cream powder infuses a natural, rich and milkiness mouthfeel.

  • Others

    Botanical Herbal Extract

    Our Liquid Coffee, Tea and Herbal Extract may be used as a mixture with solid excipient materials to make tablets or hard shelled capsules. Our Instant Tea and Herbal Powder are available in spray dried or freezed dried form.

    Nutritional Oil Powder

    Nutritional oil powder fortified with minerals, vitamins, protein and other minor ingredients with excellent nutritional properties. Enhances the nutritional properties of non-dairy creamer

    Fat Filled Milk Powder

    Conventional milk substitutes fortified with minerals, protein and vitamins.

  • Bag-in-Box (BIB) Berverage Concentrate

    Beyond The Brew and Liang Bao

    Super’s Bag-in-Box Beverage Concentrate series is an easy to use and consistent beverage base ideal for the creation of a wide variety of delicious and innovative drinks recipes. Enjoy convenience and great taste whether you are preparing drinks in large volumes or serving by the cup.

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