Our other brands

Our other brands
  • Café Nova
  • Café Nova uses the finest Arabica coffee beans, freeze-dried processed to retain the rich taste and aroma of the coffee beans.

  • Gold Café
  • Gold Café is prepared from a selection of premium quality coffee beans, roasted and ground to give you a rich aroma and then blended with non-diary creamer and sugar, packed in single serve sachets to provide you the ultimate satisfaction of fresh coffee anywhere, anytime.

  • Gold Eagle
  • Gold Eagle 3 in 1 Coffee mix is blended with the right proportions of quality coffee, non-diary creamer and sugar. Without any hassle, you can enjoy a cup of excellent coffee anytime, anywhere just by adding hot water. The absolute choice lies in your hand.

  • Coffee King
  • COFFEEKING Instant Coffeemix is a perfect brew made just for you. Conveniently blended with perfectly roasted coffee, top quality creamer & finest sugar in the best adjusted ratio leaves you with that soaring feeling every time. So just reach for the choice that hovers above the rest – “Coffeeking” Coffee.

  • YeYe
  • A unique blend of coffee products targeted for consumers who prefer their coffee sweet and milky, Ye Ye Coffee offers an unforgettable taste that lingers in the mouth, giving you a craving for more.

  • Yesté
  • Our range of cappuccino allows you to immerse yourself into a European cafe environment in the comforts of their home. Our cappuccino comes complete with a smooth layer of foam, replicating the feeling of enjoying a cup of freshly brewed cappuccino.

  • Negresco
  • Uniquely formulated to cater to the working population, Negresco provides a wide range of coffee flavours to suit each consumer’s palette. So if you are looking for a normal 3 in 1 coffee or the more exotic amaretto coffee, Negresco is the brand that should be top on your search list.

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